Our Founder

Samuel Stafford was born on May 21, 1973 in Cumana Village, Toco, Trinidad & Tobago. At age 16, he joined the Goshin-do Dojo and began his career as a martial artist which would eventually determine his destiny and career.
The discipline, training, focus and commitment required to become a black belt and a successful competitor honed Stafford's natural abilities and provided him with the tools not only to be a champion fighter, but also a successful businessman and entrepreneur. During his martial arts career, Stafford won several tournaments and championships before achieving the pinnacle of martial arts titles.

Here is a short history of his successes:

  • 1991 Gold Medal in the USA International Seishin Kai Championships (Kata and Combat Division), Virginia
  • 1993 Silver Medal in the South American Karate Championships, Kata Division, Venezuela
  • 1994 Silver Medal at the Ninth Anniversary Karate Championships of Trinidad and Tobago
  • 1994 welterweight national kickboxing champion
  • See 1996 World Karate Championship

Karate Titles

  • 1995 Silver Medal (Black Belt Division) 33rd Seishin Kai World Karate Championship, Osaka Japan (Trinidad and Tobago's first representative)
  • 1996 Gold Medal (Black Belt Kumite Division) 34th Annual Seishin Kai World Karate Championship, Osaka Japan (A historic achievement being the first non-Japanese to win this title)

At age 21, Stafford won Gold at the 34th Annual Seishin Kai World Karate Championship in Osaka Japan, after winning Silver the year before. It was a monumental achievement as this was the first time a foreigner won the title in 34 years.

At the World Karate Championship, Stafford met the sponsor of the Hungarian Karate Team and was introduced to the International Bodyguard and Security Services Association (IBSSA). Through his involvement in martial arts, his second business career got its start. Stafford decided to start a security company but with a difference.

Executive Bodyguard Services Limited was registered on October 16, 1998 and was launched in 2001.

In 2002, Samuel Stafford became the Caribbean regional representative of the IBSSA , which operates in over 90 countries around the World. EBSL moved on to become the leader in the security industry in Trinidad and Tobago and an innovator in new technology, and services developed to provide ultimate security and protection to its clients.