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Our Limited Edition Surplus Collection

When most people hear the word surplus, it's believed to be used and discarded items. However, our Surplus Collection carries the same level of durability you'd expect from any KICK-AZ product. They're considered surplus because they have been boxed and shelved at our factory for four years.

We are launching our new brand with a special discounted price on our Surplus Collection.

All 600 boots in the Surplus Collection are priced at $70 - 85 usd with free shipping anywhere within the contiguous United States.

In a way, it's a collector's item, as it reflects upon the earliest days of the KICK-AZ brand. β€” Samuel J. Stafford, Founder

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Female Collection

One of the main reasons why we do not design women shoes at our boots factory is because women shoes line changes every three months. Instead, what we have done is design a boots for women to wear that is comfortable, gives you a little lift and it can be worn in the summer, winter, at work, casual and or formal.

It is a multipurpose boots that you can wear, also this will be the only female boots we'll be designing. This is so the style of this boots will remain for the next 100 years.

We will not be changing this style. We want it to identify as a unique style of boots for females in the KICK-AZ BOOT line.

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365-Day Warranty

The only Combat Boots with a 1-Year warranty on all manufacturing defects.

Free Shipping

3-Day Shipping to anywhere within the Contiguous United States.

Endorsed by the IBSSA

KICK-AZ is certified by the International Bodyguard and Security Services Association.

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