About Us

On May 1, 2012, shortly after winding up my stake in EBSL, I launched an innovative line of combat apparel for security and law enforcement personnel under the registered trademark "Kick-Az".

In my 22 years of being in the security industry, what stood out for me was the poor, often inferior quality of security and safety uniform apparel, gears and equipment which were available to law enforcement at the time. As a service provider, these products not only meant having the ongoing cost of replacing such items, but of even greater concern was the potential of equipment failure and the risk and liability it places on the users and company. With that in mind, I committed my time and resources into significant research and development which resulted in the brand Kick-Az.

Simply put, Kick-Az was conceived out of the idea of designing and producing longer lasting, more durable and comfortable uniform apparel, footwear, gears and safety products for the end user. It also considered bringing these items at a competitive price notwithstanding the improved quality and durability of the products. We developed products that literally “Kicked Ass,” but our social media and brand team rightfully advised against attempting to trademark the obvious and so we agreed that we would represent a place where one can get from A to Z in combat apparel.

This venture was very instrumental in disrupting the market and for the first time bringing a superior level of quality products at never before seen prices to the benefit of the end user, to whom we marketed directly via several social media platforms. We developed several unique patented apparel and footwear which I dare say, some law enforcement personnel are still wearing 7 years later. Such is the standard to which we excelled!

KICK-AZ! The brand that says it all, does it all. The A to Z in combat gear.

— Samuel J. Stafford, Founder.